Fire Stopping


Fire stopping is a method of compartmentalization within a building that forms an effective barrier against the spread of flame and smoke, whilst still allowing for the penetration of services through fire-rated walls and floors. We offer a range of fully approved and tested fire-stopping products to prevent the spread of fire, smoke, and hot gases. 

The purpose of fire stopping is to:

  • Extend the evacuation time for building occupants
  • Prevent building damage, ensuring continuity of operations
  • Providing more time for the fire service to respond and evacuate

Fire Batts

In addition to multi composite pipes and metallic pipes, T&R Fire Batts are tested to support cable trays, cables, smoke extract ducts, as well as fire-resistant ducts.
The Fire Batts we install act as a fire resistant board to restore the fire resistance of flexible and rigid constructions where single or multiple services penetrate apertures.

intumescent Mastic

The Intumescent mastic we use at T&R is a water based acrylic sealant that restores the fire resistance of wall and floor constructions where multiple services penetrate apertures, as well as where wall and floor constructions meet. Global requirements are extensively tested.

Pipe Wrap

Plastic pipes formulated with thermoplastic composites based on reactive intumescent technology are designed and tested to be sealed by Nullifie or Quelfire.

PWP Wraps have been developed in order to provide a high expansion and pressure seal during a fire and can be used to a maximum diameter of 200mm. PWP wraps’ ultra-thin design makes them ideal for installation in even the tightest of spaces.

With or without insulation, Nullifie or Quelfire EL can seal penetration apertures containing plastic and metallic pipes. Using thermoplastic composites, it provides a high volume expansion and high pressure seal in the event of a fire.

Pipes with a maximum diameter of 200mm and a variety of wall thicknesses are available from EL for internal and external applications. The EL wrap can be installed in even the tightest of spaces due to its ultra-thin design. A Nullifie or Quelfire Batt System seal can also be installed directly into our EL in flexible walls, rigid walls, and even in rigid floors.

Pipe Collars

In addition to sealing plastic and metallic pipes with or without insulation, our PCP collars are designed and tested for sealing service penetration apertures. In the event of a fire, our Collars provide an expansion and pressure seal and are suitable for use on pipes up to a maximum diameter of 250mm for both internal and external applications.
In addition, the extremely thin profile of the Collar shells, which is available in a depth of 30mm or 40mm, allows it to be installed in tight spaces, regardless of wall or floor applications. Besides flexible walls and rigid walls, our PCP Collars can also be installed directly on the T&R Batt System seal.

HPE Sealant

High Pressure Exerting Sealants (HPE) are water-based acrylic sealants that contain a reactive formula with intumescent properties that help restore the fire resistance performance of walls and floors where your building services penetrate through.
With our HPE Sealant, the material expands at a rate up to 20 times under a 7 bar expansion pressure.
In order for the construction to remain fire resistant, the Sealant is troweled or gunned into the globular space between separating elements to a specific depth.