Fire Doors


Passive Fire Protection – Fire Doors

At T&R Fire Protection, we take pride in our fire door installations. Having fire doors installed in any building plays a vital role in fire safety, allowing extra time for emergency personnel to respond, containing damage, and ensuring the safety of all those inside. In addition to providing the latest fire doors, we offer a full range of fire door services as well. You may just have moved into a new property and need a fire door inspection, or may require a full fire compartment survey for the whole building. Whatever your needs, we offer a reliable, fast and trustworthy service.

Fire Door Installations

In order to protect people, as well as your premises, it’s important to have a professional fire door installation service. At T&R Fire Protection, we take care of fitting fire doors for you, upholding the strictest standards to ensure your doors perform as they should when you need them most.
Our technicians have the experience and tools to remove old doors and install replacement fire doors for your premises. So whether it’s a single door you need or a whole building which requires the installation of new fire doors, look no further than T&R Fire Protection.

Fire Door Remediations

At T&R Fire Protection, we specialize in repairing, restoring, installing, and maintaining fire doors and frames. Our expertise includes the management of interior timber doors, front entrance door-sets, and emergency doors in occupied buildings, as well as new construction projects. We have remediated, replaced, and inspected thousands of doors in many sectors, including student housing, healthcare, social housing, commercial, and high-rise residential buildings.

Fire Door Inspections

A fire door needs to be inspected often to make sure that it is functioning properly, just like any other product that has been designed to save lives. They should be inspected just like smoke detectors and fire alarms are. The performance of a fire door can be affected by any alterations made to it.