Fire Barriers


Fire Cavity Barriers

We provide specialist installation of fire cavity barriers.
Cavity barriers are passive fire protection elements that prevent flames and smoke from spreading via the walls. They work by sealing off the gaps in a cavity during a fire. This is because the materials used in cavity barriers are sensitive to high temperatures and will expand when exposed to a fire.

Our goal is to stop the spread of smoke and flames by supplying and installing all major manufacturers’ materials, including mineral fibre and textile fibre. T&R is an approved partner applicator for Firefly Barriers (TBA Textiles) for both vertical and horizontal barriers.

The flexible fire barriers available from FireFlyTM (also known as cavity barriers) are comprised of woven and nonwoven glass substrates and aluminium foils. The barriers have been developed by TBA Protective Technologies Ltd, the leading UK producer of high-performance materials for thermal protection applications with a 150-year history of manufacturing technical textiles.
We use a full range of products between 30-120 minutes integrity and with varying levels of insulation to suit building regulation requirements.